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milestone eco design - Britains first producer of totally green recycled kitchens all the way from Ilkley, West Yorkshire
...and the winner of the
PEA Awards
for the Retail category is...?

Yes, you guessed it, we won!
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Bespoke by definition -
the heart of what we do!
What really sets us apart is how we make things fit. With our cabinets designed from scratch, we can deepen a wall unit, change housings to fit extra appliances, raise, lower and squeeze any design into any space, built to fit you and your needs. If you can imagine it and sketch it, we can make it and provide it for a sensible price!

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ECO friendly and unique kitchen design that doesn't cost the earth
As a range of extremely low cost ECO kitchens but importantly with the same high build quality as the rest of our stable of ECO products and built from the same high recycled content board materials.

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Recycled Roadstone plaques
A revolutionary new product made by a mix of recycled roadstone waste that's cold cast and 87% recycled materials. A unique product, perfect for immortalising your favourite images. With incredible durability these make fantastic kitchen splashbacks

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Reclaimed Madness Kitchen
We created a complete kitchen using reclaimed timber on site in the clients home. It all started with a pile of reclaimed factory beam rip cuts, a reclaimed engine shed floor, our Eco2 cabinets, a reclaimed sink and a recycled/Fsc mix worktop. An Eco kitchen to be proud of.
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The ECO range
*Background image below - one of our recycled work surfaces made totally from waste yoghurt pots
ECO elite header
ECO elite picture
ECO Elite is the finest product in our range of ECO kitchens. A premium hand made kitchen built by one man from one tree from a sustainable forest.
How cool is that!
K.O.R.C header
K.O.R.C picture
In 2005, we created K.O.R.C The UK's first kitchen to be made from genuinely recycled content materials. It's "reason to be" is to divert kitchen household waste away from landfill and be recycled.
ECO2 header
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We now produce a sister kitchen to our original K.O.R.C concept and itís called the ECO² being eco-friendly x eco-nomical in it's specification.
ECO select header
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ECO Select is a range of extremely low cost eco kitchens but importantly with the same high build quality as the rest of our stable of ECO products and built from the same high recycled content board.
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About milestone

Except it's not really about us, it's about you !

You are the most important thing on this page: the ethically driven consumer who cares enough about environmental issues to take your valuable time to find us. We would like to say thank you... your journey has not been wasted. We can offer the largest choice of recycled content kitchens, sustainably built kitchens, recycled worktops and recycled tiles anywhere in the UK or on the web.

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Milestone Design Ltd.
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West Yorkshire,
LS29 8DS.
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