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milestone eco design - Britains first producer of totally green recycled kitchens all the way from Ilkley, West Yorkshire
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ECO Elite materials

Why choose hardwoods for an Eco kitchen when hardwood kitchens are everywhere ?? ... because we've done it properly and not before time !! We've used genuinely harvested and properly managed timbers.
  • English Natural Ash material
  • American Black Walnut material
  • French Pippy Oak material
English Natural Ash

(Fraximus Excelsior) All the doors and accessories on our display are solid timber throughout, made from 'one tree' and sustainably sourced from the FSC managed Garnons Estate in Herefordshire, UK.

All our kitchens made this way will be genuine English Ash, where possible always made from one tree and we will tell you where the tree came from.
American Black Walnut

(Juglans Nigra) The worktops shown here are made from 40mm thick, PEFC sustainably sourced solid Black Walnut which is harvested from the Appalachian mountains in the Vermont to New Hampshire area on the North Eastern side of the USA. Selected from here because of their growing conditions and colour consistency.
French Pippy Oak

(Quercus Roba) We've used traditional cabinet makers French Oak from the FSC managed forests in and around the Burgundy region of mid eastern France from Besancon in the north to St.Etienne in the south. This source gives us full 'chain of custody' paperwork from tree to kitchen.

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About milestone

Except it's not really about us, it's about you !

You are the most important thing on this page: the ethically driven consumer who cares enough about environmental issues to take your valuable time to find us. We would like to say thank you… your journey has not been wasted.

We can offer the largest choice of recycled content kitchens, sustainably built kitchens, recycled worktops and recycled tiles anywhere in the UK or on the web.

Come find us...

Milestone Design Ltd.
24 Leeds Road,
West Yorkshire,
LS29 8DS.
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t: 01943 817153
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