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ECO² Assembly & Specifications

  • milestone ECO² assembly photographs
       View showing the placing of the base end panel at the end of the unit. The panel is full height from floor to the underside of the worktop and drawn forward from the cabinet edge to line up flush with the door when closed. This panel is 900mm x 600mm to allow for scribing in.
  • milestone ECO² assembly photographs
       This view shows the relationship between a wall and end panel, the cornice on top of the unit and the pelmet below. As with the base panel, the wall panel is also drawn forward to line flush with the door.
  • milestone ECO² assembly photographs
       Shown here is the wall end panel flush to the door and projecting down so that the pellet meets it flush and square. For 720 high wall units, the wall end panel is 780 high to allow the 60mm high pellet to fit as shown and provide a neat flat return to the end of the wall unit.
  • milestone ECO² assembly photographs
       This view show the cornice, which is also 60mm laid flat on the unit top. It is also drawn forward to provide a neat finish where it meets the top of the wall end panel. Note the hood flyshelf stepped back slightly to give a cleaner look to area where these pieces meet.
  • milestone ECO² assembly photographs
       Another view showing the base end panel cut to the floor to provide a neat clean appearance without the untidy use of a return plinth. (Also handy for hanging radiators on!)

Quick panel size guide

For kitchens with 720 wall units   For 900 high wall units
Base end panel        900mm x 600mm
Wall end panel   780mm x 350mm
Universal cornice / pelmet   2.4m x 60mm
Plinth   2.4m x 150mm high
Tall houseing end panel   2.2m x 600mm
Flyshelf panels Reqired length   x 320mm
Wall end panel        960mm x 350mm
Tall housing panel   2.4m x 600mm

Where measurements are wider than you appear to need, this is to allow for any scribing in on uneven walls.

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