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Olicana Kitchens

The Olicana Collection is the name we have given to our own exclusively produced collection of kitchen unit doors. Named after the Roman word for Ilkley, the inspiration for the designs has come from looking at original feature details that we have seen while working in houses around the Ilkley area.

It is our firm belief that when planning kitchens for the older more rustic properties, if the furniture

design reflects the character of the house its going into, it will be more in keeping and have a timeless appeal and quality.

We have been producing our own range for about 20 years in both, traditional and more modern styles using traditional timbers, such as Burr Oak, Maple, Ash and Walnut and also painted kitchens where you choose the colour.

The Olicana collection of doors is truly unique and can be used either as a complete new kitchen or as replacement unit doors as part of refurbishing your existing kitchen.

Our proud boast is that "there hasn't been a kitchen invented yet that we can't fit new doors to!"

Askwith Painted Shaker

  • The painted shaker kitchen shown here is our most popular painted door, easily adaptable to suit most styles

  • The colour is Dulux colour "Edwardian 15" from their heritage range

  • From the very beginning we have always given you the ability to choose your own colour. This has proved to be a big bonus for people wanting to paint other woodwork or features in the room the same colour

  • We get the correct type of paint, based on your choice, to spray finish your kitchen….you get a perfect match at your local paint supplier for the rest of the room... SIMPLE!

Scroll your mouse over the image to the right to see Askwith Painted Shaker in use.
Olicana kitchen - Askwith Painted Shaker


The 'Liberty' door is another from our own Olicana range and therefore can be made any size to fit any kitchen. This makes it tremendously popular for both complete new kitchens and kitchen refurbishment projects. Aptly named 'Liberty' it is a painted MDF door where you have the freedom to choose your own colour. All we need is a paint code for your chosen colour and leave the rest to us!
Olicana kitchen - Liberty

Milestone Pantry

  • This can be fitted with any type of door of your choice.

  • Available in 450, 600 and 900mm wide and heights to match the rest of you kitchen.

  • Auto cabinet illumination on opening the upper doors.

  • Four generous food storage shelves.

  • Power sockets in the back for convenient small appliance usage.

  • Ideal location for your microwave, freeing up worktop space.

  • Six great quality, solid pullout wire baskets in the bottom section.

Scroll your mouse over the image to the right to see the Milestone Pantry in use.
Olicana kitchen - Mileston Pantry
Urban Cream
Based on the Urban cream kitchen with grey limestone laminate worktops, this is a very good value, popular choice from our range.

Featuring the reverse angle wall units, this shows a more interesting and unusual approach to providing more head clearance when working at the sink.

Tiled up in a contemporary style using our 'tiles of recycled content' in 20cm x 10cm 'Kiwi' adds a dash of vibrant colour completing the modern look.

Scroll your mouse over the image to the right to see Urban Cream in use.
Olicana kitchen - Mileston Pantry
Middleton Maple
Enjoy having people round? Entertaining more at home? More and more like minded people are doing just that! So what better way to do it than to incorporate our ‘entertainments centre’ into your room project. Built using the new 'Middleton Maple' door from our own Olicana range it's creating a lot of interest, but can, of course, be built using any of our wide range of doors.

Specific features include:

  • An 'optics' unit for your favourite spirits.

  • Illuminated glass wall units for your bottle storage.

  • Our unique midway cupboards to keep all your glasses handy.

  • A separate fridge for your wine, beer, mixers and ice cubes.

  • Loads of drawer storage for your cutlery and tableware.

Scroll your mouse over the image to the right to see Middleton Maple in use.
Olicana kitchen - Mileston Pantry

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