Catching up and driving forwards

Ey up my faithful blogworms, let’s see if this one works properly ! We’ll nail these problems at some point.

It was nice to get some feedback this week on a project we installed down in Cambridge, see earlier blog post.

It was for a lovely couple called Gray and was a full eco status kitchen where they were having our old friends Glasseco from down south create and fit the worktops from a recycled mix including seashells of all things !

The top picture is how we left it ready for the templaters to do their stuff, we only missed then by a couple of days, which was a shame, it would have been nice to catch up with them.  The finished pics with the worktops installed and all working as it should are the next three down.

Lovely jubbly ! If you get a chance, go across to their website and check out the amazing things they can do with recycled materials.

Slightly different subject, as you all know now we have a new showroom manager started this week, he’s settling in very well and with just 1 week under his belt, he’s grasping the complexities of kitchen design admirably already. There is certainly a creative talent there and he’s slotted in to our business ethos like a piece of a jigsaw.

His name is Christopher and pop in and meet him if you get chance, we feel he is going to be an asset to Milestone and, with no lack of new ideas buzzing around in his head, he could just be the very chap to help us drive forwards.

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