Eco Medite Flat Slab

eco organic medite4
eco organic medite painted1
eco organic medite2

  • Same cabinet specification as Eco2.
  • A painted door kitchen that is finished in a water-based Eco-friendly paint.
  • Doors in plain flat style, 18mm thick material, made from Medite Ecologique: An Eco-friendly MDF made from recycled wood flour with NO formaldehyde in the particle binder, typically made for environmentally sensitive furniture.
  • We supply the paint with the job for ‘touching up’ purposes(Apply it with a foam roller for perfect results).
  • Can be made in any size as “doors only” orders for refurbishing your existing kitchen.
  • The doors can be made any size in the colour of your choice chosen from any manufacturers paint chart.
    For the cabinet colour choices, click the links below: