It’s all going horribly wrong !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, todays post is a cautionary tale and represents a change in direction for the products we offer here at Milestone HQ.

We have used vinyl wrap doors for years and they are still widely available within our industry but the pic shows what can happen to them over time. They de-laminate !! We thought our industry had addressed this problem and the quality of the ones we have offered were the best we could get.

Clearly, the problem still rears it’s ugly head !!

We have had 5 cases that we’ve helped out with over the last two years, only one was with our own product but nonetheless it shows that the faults still occur.






Knowing that this still happens we are changing our product range to do away with our complete range of vinyl wrap doors. We have sourced alternaitves that, historically, we know to be long term reliable.

We now have brought in two more ranges of doors: A five piece foil wrap door in 9 colours and a one piece flat hi-gloss door in 5 colours initially.

These still represent great value for money and give us the ability to make any door, any size in line with our normal product range.

You may be reading this while thinking about your own new kitchen and I would strongly suggest that, no matter who you talk to, you ask ….. Is it a vinyl wrap door ? if the answer is Yes then go no further and look at a different product. !!

In the new year, we are also bringing in another new range of doors that we feel will excite people and give tremendous scope for individuality within your kitchen design ……. Keep watching for news of this to happen in the new year !


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