This is the original Kitchen Of Recycled Content made using Coffee cup worktops and Yoghurt pot doors ( the dog’s real, by the way, not recycled ! ) The one that started our Eco range back in 2006 and gave us the impetus to explore more ways of building kitchens using recycled and sustainable materials.

These days we tend to use the 2 materials as mainly worktops as the thickness and density currently make their use as doors impractical.

The door is now made entirely from recycled Upvc window frames. Much lighter in weight, slightly thinner and lower in cost, we see this new material as a massive step forward in kitchen unit door technology. (Pictures coming soon)

We’re calling it the ‘Glacier’ range ! Ask for it by name.

Price Group 4 (example: 500 base unit = £184 in either plain or shaker style).


  • The range that started it all.
  • The original Kitchen Of Recycled Content.
  • Based on the Eco2 cabinet with soft close everything.
  • Incorporating the 100% recycled Coffee cup & Yoghurt Pot materials.
  • CC & YP Can both be used for worktops. Contact us for prices as we ‘nest’ up each set of components according to layout to get the most economical use of materials and the best price for the job.



Starting to lay up components to assemble a typical yoghurt pot worktop ( coffee cup can be used just as easily ) using single thickness top surface with ‘build up’ sections underneath.  Every worktop layout we provide comes in kit form for easy assembly with full instructions on how to fit it all together and a sanding & polishing pack to finish it with.

The yoghurt pot material is superb for directly fixing undermount sinks in from below. The flange around the sink can be drilled and the sink bowl screwed in for a permanent solid fixing. Whilst we’ve used an undermount sink here, any type of sink can be fitted into the worksurface. The only thing we can’t do, is put drainer grooves in it due to the nature of the material.

The smooth, clean appearance of the sink and totally sealed fixing method makes using this set up a dream in terms of splashing water about. Contact us for prices and how we can achieve a layout like this for you. All we need is a dimensioned sketch and we can work out the most economical way to achieve your totally waterproof, recycled worktop.

The doors for the KORC range will now be the ‘Glacier’ range of recycled Upvc window frames ( see section above )
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