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Ey up my faithful blogworms, news this week of an exciting new development here at Milestone HQ. With the reasoning behind it and following on from the warning to all you potential kitchen buyers out there that I featured in my last blog “All going horribly wrong”

It’s worth re-iterating the message from that last blog, as you really need to take notice of this for the long term health of your kitchen !!

As of January 2019 we will no longer be featuring vinyl wrap doors within our product range ……. Why? …… because they fail miserably over time !

The wrap material shrinks back, delaminates and starts to peel itself off the MDF board it’s stuck to. The pictures below shows the effect this has on your doors.


We have had personal experience over the last two years, either from our own products or those supplied by others where we’ve helped out or fitted alternatives to help people out.

Manufacturers you need to be wary of, that we’ve found,  are: JJO, East Coast Fittings, Alno, Keller and a couple of other unknown manufacturers. We have reason to believe that this problem occurs with all vinyl wrap doors so you need to be vigilant and ask any kitchen supplier you may talk to, to explain precisely what their doors are made from to avoid this happening to you. You have been warned, we would hate this to happen to you, wherever you are.

HOWEVER, we have found an antidote to the problem and will be launching a new range for 2019 called “Milestone Paintables”. These are like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the vinyl wrap industry where we have managed to secure a deal with one of our suppliers who will supply us with the doors BEFORE THEY ARE VINYL WRAPPED.

This still gives us the facility to have doors made any size with all the styles available but enable you to paint them any colour you like. This avoids the delamination problem, cuts back on the use of plastic which may eventually go into landfill and give you the option to re-paint at any time if you fancy a change of colour in line with the trends at the time.

We will also be using a moisture resistant, furniture grade MDF to make all the panels & accessories that go with the doors, particularly important for the panels etc in contact with the floor. The whole concept thought out to provide a “hand painted” kitchen concept with more durability and at a lower cost than traditional hand painted kitchens.

Stay tuned for more info on the “Milestone Paintables” in the new year. From initial reaction we’ve had here at HQ, we think this is going to a winner !!

Cost benefits, environmental benefits and long term durability benefits, I’d say this is a win – win !!


Looking after your world, Jules


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