One form of Glacier that’s growing not shrinking !

Introducing the multiple uses and benefits of our new material, set to make a huge difference in how you perceive eco materials. The green revolution is gathering speed !!

Samples at the ready to wing their way to you. Our new Glacier board material, 95% recycled Upvc window frame material that has so many uses !! Whether you need the ultimate recycled content kitchen unit doors at prices more economical the most other similar materials on the market or a plethora of other uses the material is ideal for.

Ok, all I’m doing here is playing with sample blocks but this material can be used in so many different ways such as :

  • Kitchen unit doors
  • Bath panels
  • Bathroom worktops
  • Shower cladding panels
  • Small to medium commercial display stands
  • Caravan interiors
  • Motorhome interiors
  • Campervan worktops and unit doors
  • Anything else you can think of where an Eco friendly, lightweight, waterproof panel would be perfect for the job.


The eco consciousness is definitely driving forwards, with new materials like this coming on stream it’s another way of preventing the unceremonious dumping of waste plastics into landfill.

You know it makes sense !!



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Except it’s not really about us, it’s about you !

You are the most important thing on this page: the ethically driven consumer who cares enough about environmental issues to take your valuable time to find us. We would like to say thank you… your journey has not been wasted. We can offer the largest choice of recycled content kitchens, sustainably built kitchens, recycled worktops and recycled tiles anywhere in the UK or on the web.

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