Pause for thought !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, bathrooms are not mainstream for us but when asked by existing kitchen customers, then we are happy to have a look  at what’s required.

Anyway, here’s one we have just finished !!

Using space saving sanitaryware can often make a room feel bigger
Use of the right shape and size bath for the room makes a huge difference
One of the most important things for me is to sit the bath on a good solid frame
And with the addition of a small cupboard at the end, we gain storage space where otherwise it would be a dead area
Nice bit of contrasting tiling brings a touch of colour into the space
As the toilet is opposite the tap end of the bath, stepping the cupboard back a little frees up movement room
I’ve always loved the ability to create a much more solid useful bath panel from the flooring tiles and good quality plywood.
The small ring you see at the bottom of the bath panel in the centre is to remove the bath panel quickly if you need to turn anything off. Importantly for us, everything we fit into a bathroom has their own isolating valve to give total control of the water
Over bath showers where the shower is at the opposite end to the taps, to me makes more sense than trying to crowd the tap end with all sorts of plumbing. When it can be done, it just works so much better.

Water safety in a bathroom has always been a huge priority for us, enabling each individual supply to be shut down quickly should a leak ever develop. It makes sense and saves a hell of a lot of stress and potential damage, not only to the bathroom but to other rooms below.

So there you go, good solid fixtures and fittings with good control of the water really does make for a more successful bathroom project. Take a good close look at yours and think to yourself ” If I get a leak, how do I turn things off ??”

If it’s not obvious, then in my mind, you need to get a plumber in ! If you get a leak in the cold winter months and the only way you can stop it is by turning off your cold water supply, then everything shuts down.

There is no way this can ever be a good idea !!

Pause for thought.



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