Plastics saved from the sea

Ey up, my faithful blogworms, it’s been a long time but we’ve been having issues with setting up our new website and getting my blog post to work, hopefully, it’s sorted now.  Anyway, with all the media attention surrounding plastics floating about in the sea, we’ve sourced another new product, pics below, that prevents another source of problems entering this environment.

Plastic window frames, where do the all go when we’ve had them removed ?

This should answer some of that. They strip out the steel and aluminium to be recycled and re-shred the plastic to be transformed into the board material you see above and below. This recycling of the uPVC uses less energy than virgin plastic to create a useful board material that we can turn into kitchen units doors and prevent this type of plastic going into landfill.

This has given many advantages over previous recycled plastics we have had before: it’s lighter in weight than other types, it’s around 60% cheaper to produce and for the first time ever, we have a CNC machining capability that lets us produce a Shaker style door to complement others in our range.

We are working on a couple of orders for customers already and we think this is set to be a big turning point in the world of environmentally friendly kitchens.

There will be other uses we can put this to, I’m sure, we just need to explore the possibilities. One that’s just come to mind ……. indestructable bath panels for example !!

One the verge of something big !!


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