The future of kitchens !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, more exciting news this week, our very first Milestone “Paintables” project is going in as we speak. “Paintables” being our brand new concept in hand painted kitchens without the usual price tag associated with this type of kitchen.

For those of you who’ve not heard of this yet, Paintables is a new way of avoiding the problems connected with the dreaded vinyl wrap doors that keep delaminating and the vinyl peeling off. We have managed to secure a deal with the manufacturers of these doors where we can buy them in prior to the nasty plastic wrapping being applied. This gives us a wide range of doors to use that can now be hand painted to create a wonderful kitchen painted in the colour of your choice and, as trends or your tastes change, they can be re-painted again in the future. See pics below of our first one going in.

Starting with the cabs going in as normal
Then the raw doors being hinge and handle drilled and fitted
A bit of clever cutting to hug the chimney breast flank
And fitting the doors as before
All the doors are fitted prior to removal for painting
We need to carry out all the drilling and fitting operations as we normally would before painting can take place to avoid any risk to paintwork when final assembly takes place


Depending on the kitchen at the time, all the decor panels, cornice and pelmet will then be painted in situ, all the doors will be removed, marked up as to where they go, taken away to be painted. Drawer fronts can be painted in situ or removed, it’s down to best method for each job.

The pics so far show you what to expect with this type of project as it does vary from a standard kitchen project approach. We will, of course, show you more pictures as the work progresses to the final finished appearance.

You have complete freedom of colour choice working from any recognised paint manufacturers colour charts, we do not buy their paint but use the colour references to buy in the most durable paint for practical kitchen use. Importantly, you are then free to choose another colour further down the line if you want to change your kitchens appearance. Being designed to be painted, the worlds your oyster, as they say !!

Last but not least, this is another way in which Milestone are considering the environment by stopping the vinyl plastics getting into use in the first place prevents more plastic waste being dumped into the countryside and oceans with all the problems resulting from that.

The concept is gathering speed faster than we expected with probably 80% of our current enquiries being on “Paintables” already.

I raise my glass to ……The Future of kitchens !!

Cheers, Jules.




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